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True Greatness

You have decisions to make...

One decision we make on a daily basis is how we spend our "Hard Earned" cash?

  • The point is to make the best decisions possible
  • Make the choice to use less or make the decision to not use at all
  • Be thoughtful to your purchases based on necessity or want
  • Think critically how your decision can / will affect others
  • Will your temporary and disposable purchase be recyclable, biodegradable, toxic?
  1. Western society has become accustom to cheap and disposable products.
  2. We expect a short life expectancy on our products and don't question where or how they were manufactured.
  3. Our society demands mass production, overwhelming amount of options and all within the confines of one structure [Walmart, Target, Kmart, Cosco, etc.]
  4. Western culture also creates this shadow of waste management. We have trash pick-up weekly or sometimes on a daily basis. We hear the vehicle [at best] and are completely blinded to the final destination.
We can't be neglecting the energy consumed in the creation of these quantities. Beyond the fuel to create the factories and the supplies/ resources to build them and maintain the facilities themselves are the products being produced.

  1. Seperate materials and resources are created around the globe
  2. Materials are transported to a destination for production and assembly
  3. They get formed
  4. Constructed
  5. Then packaged in a sulifane wrapper/ with a cardboard label/ with an adhesive [toxic most likely] sticker adhered to the outside/ put in another cardboard container/ sealed with an indestructible plastic/ grouped in medium box for displaying/ put into a larger box for transporting
  6. Then loaded on a truck
  7. Received at our local SUPER STORE
  8. Another vehicle moves the crate [which will probably be used only once]
  9. Packages are unloaded in the warehouse
  10. Then small SKU's are displayed front faced all pretty on the shelf
  11. Then comes the real disaster. We tear off the 7 layers of complete waste and dispose of them immediately after purchasing.
  12. We use the cheaply manufactured item(s) which will break or deteriorate within a year at best
  13. Discard in the trash
  14. Then back to the same store for another temporary solution
Of course I've neglected much more of the terrible realities, but the point is clear...

You have some decisions to make!

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