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Green Jobs

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sustainable Business.Com
The Environmental Careers Organization

Like all times and places we are in the midst of a major crisis. Our opportunities and successes are skewed and the freedoms our generations still fight for still aren't at the level we should be enthralled to discuss.

What we have is a large portion of the demographics stuck in the middle class and fighting for basic necessities. These are the common people and the hard working middle class that is living a life for the Western traditions that have developed over time. What our society has conditioned us to believe is that for all that hard work, overtime and sacrifices that we make is for a cause greater than ourselves. Let's get back to the point of selfishness that we are lacking. Let's put our integrity, happiness and other people before the all mighty buck.

We have a society based on it's materialism and power hungry appetite. Recent figures show a major decline across the globe in the GDP. It's a rat race and we are fighting for mediocrity. Take some time to understand yourself, what is important and what you are willing to spend your time working on. The positions exist and people are waiting for others to step up. Lets beat down those doors and encourage one another. We can make things right.