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Website Relocation

Sunday, January 31, 2010
I want to thank all the viewers of EcoDesignFreak.

It has been a pleasure learning and sharing information together. That goal has not been diminished in time, quite the opposite actually. This page has developed into something more substantial and can now be found at the link below:


"Rozko Design is dedicated to architectural conversations based on theories and practice. In addition, it’s a response to the saturation of design and lack of inherent quality consuming our markets. Along with a more positive affirmation of, arguably, brilliant design.

The industry of architecture and design is a destructive process at it’s most fundamental stages, where it should be a model to other industries.

RD+A is forward thinking and multidisciplinary by nature. This includes looking at design history, current conditions and the future path[s] being developed.

Design has always been a human creation that battles between the thin line of art and function. Unlike most industries there is no perfect formula or sum for that in which we create. There are however conditions that [us] designers use in constructing ideas. It is these tools and education[s] that the public relies on.

WE KILL DESIGN asks critical questions about the accepting of such “things” as architecture and design."

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Eco-Valcucine Kitchens

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eco-Valcucine Blog
Valcucine Website

Valcucine has gained a reputation for over 27 years as a leader in ECO-FRIENDLY KITCHEN DESIGN. From experience I can attest that designers and consumers alike are constantly impressed with Valcucine's equipment. The hardware and mechanisms are like no other. The designs are infinite. The minimalist workspaces and storage solutions are without a doubt some of the most elegant on the market.

This is a company with values as well. You'll instantly be greeted by reliable customer service, portfolio of award winning kitchen designs, higher standard of installation and thoughtfulness to the environment.

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The Art Institute of Chicago A tour of Renzo Piano's Modern Wing

Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Ag = Alchemy Goods

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alchemy Goods Website

Ag has created a product line from rubber bike tubes. Their products are 70%(+) post consumer material.

The Intelligent Consumer:
Necessity of the product, functionality / purpose, material implications, lifetime expectancy / after-use intents, construction / production processes, ergonomics [when it applies], customer relations, warranty / guarantee's. I would suggest these as a simple and beginning guide to leading a life as an Intelligent Consumer.

Ag gets a 5 star in their customer relations. From personal experience and review/research I can tell you that they are out to make a lifetime customer. They personally picked out a bag for me and took a picture of it for my approval.

Others, after using their bags for 3 years sent them to the manufacture for minor stitching issues and have raved about their attention. At no cost to the customer they've shipped it and performed a through evaluation of the products.

And lets face it.... this bag KICKS ASS!

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Architecture Photograhy & Image Reference

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



100 Amazing Flickr Collections for Architecture Buffs

"Flickr is a great resource for finding photos and learning about what’s in our world. Users from around the world share their images-and lots of them are great for architectural research and inspiration. Now you don’t need to travel across the world to experience some of the world’s greatest architectural treasures because here you’ll find 100 excellent collections of buildings, details, and more."

"These collections celebrate architecture in general."

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Who Said Being An Architect Was Hard Work?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Find out more from TREEHUGGER.COM

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Western Traditions

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The New York Times recently posted "THIS ARTICLE" about societies (specifically Western) misuse of consumer materials.

If you don't follow the link this is the basic concept:

The above picture is a "salad shooter". The Chinese plastic manufacturer was astonished that this order was placed in the first place and appalled that the next shipment was 3 times the initial order quantity.

We design consumer products abundantly, we use a MASSIVE amount of resources creating them / shipping /disposing them.

Is it too late? Have we passed the point of no return? Are we reliant on these cheap (CHEAP-in price, not in conditional cost) disposable goods? What will it take to understand the implications of our decisions?

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Objectified Documentary - Trailer

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Objectified Website

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Tap It

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That's right, I said, TAP IT. It's a new idea in the NYC urban vision to save the world.

Information below comes straight from the site: TAP IT [site]

TapIt gives you easy access to great tasting New York City tap water. Our partners let you fill your bottle and we help you find them on
the go.

Your smartphone or PC shows you the closest water stations at tapitwater.com or on the iPhone using ManGo (free from the App Store). And at TapIt stations, you don’t pay for expensive containers that are carbon-costly and hard to recycle. If you’ve been buying a quart of water daily, that means TapIt can save you more than $500
a year.

Read our blog, Sign up for news. Become a TapIt partner and let everyone know that sustainable water matters to you.

It may seem basic to outsiders of the NYC area, but finding a location to refill a water bottle and going the restroom are rare commodities. This is one of the most effective concepts to battle the water bottle crisis and I hope all of you will support the cause.

It would be a great day to see the water bottle companies shutting down their production lines and starting a new trend. It would be an opportunity to SAVE LIVES by creating wells / drainage/ sewage and clean water access for struggling communities across the globe.

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Terra Furnishings

Friday, February 20, 2009

Terra Furnishings is the, "MA & PA" of furniture. They bring the true nature of furniture, craft and beauty into our spaces. Earth friendly, sustainable and hand crafted wood pieces are as elegant as they are unique. Their customer service is as attentive to the details as their product.

Furniture, like art, should have a purpose-function-general meaning. Some pieces should stand out as a bold statement and others may blend into the surroundings, as not to distract from other elements.

Furniture too often gets overlooked. We try to fill empty spaces and hope that in the end it looks "ok". With so many production pieces and warehouses filled to the brim with options what's a consumer to do? That is of course, if you have to consume at all?

Be a smart consumer...

1. Buy what you need
2. Think of the functionality
3. Question the production process and it's ramifications
4. Use less
5. Consider the life-cycle of the product
6. Appreciate how the product improves the quality of your life
7. Be selective in your quest to decorate
8. And most importantly... ENJOY THE PROCESS!

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Global Furniture

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Located at Lake Mendota, near the UN-Madison memorial Union Terrace shoreline.

You may find Artist/Designer, Hongtao Zhou, creating blissfully pristine furniture pieces out of snow [season depending]. Concerning the direction global warming is melting towards, Mr. Zhou, has created an installation in response.

Mr. Zhou:
"The furniture is in connection with the lake, the land(architecture), the air and the people and complete a sustainable life cycle with minimum environmental impact."

"My hope is that the climate furniture can help raise awareness of sustainable design with less or without negative impact."

"Following the weather changes, the furniture will back into the lake and become a part of the water body again and complete their beautiful green life cycle."

It's this type of creativeness, thoughtfulness and sensory reaction to a growing problem that brings awareness and urgency. It's difficult to truly appreciate how grave this issue is. We throw statistics around, make charts and even try and document the catastrophes, but somehow we lose the human scale/ proportion.

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America the Dream

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not to say this image justifies all the National problems, but it embodies the direction our society has evolved into.

I'm confident our new leadership can be a catalyst for change. As President Obama believes and so do the members of Eco.Design.Freak, the responsibility is upon us.

We need to prove to ourselves, our future generations and the world that America is a Nation devoted to humanity. If we take responsibility for our lifestyles and how we interact with our communities, we can inspire good.

For too long has our society relied on mass consumerism, cheap thrills and instant gratification. For too long have we outsourced what we have been proficient at. For too long have the numbers outweighed human condition.

The moment was yesterday to do something about our problems, the time is now to prove we are ready and tomorrow it will show that we are capable.

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More or Less

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reduce is not enough. Reuse is not enough. Recycle is not enough.


I want to introduce an idea.

We can all use less in our lifetime and do without much more than we think. This includes the little things such as disposable plastic cutlery, chopsticks and napkins [bring your own silverware, chopsticks and washcloth]. Regarding larger decisions such as the size of our living spaces, we need to ask ourselves a series of questions that determines a much great good.

As an active designer I would be happy to help you design a space that works and functions with your personal needs.

Twitter Remote Control

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Control Lights with Twitter from Justin Wickett on Vimeo.

I can't tell you in great detail how exactly this works, but here's what I got from the video:

1. Twitter account
2. Cell phone
3. Texting capabilities
4. You need a INSTEON switch
5. Computer
6. Cable leading from computer to wall outlet that communicates to the switch.

Often I feel other ideas come from learning new technologies. So even if this doesn't seem completely necessary I could imagine other uses for something like this. Like if you forgot to turn your lights off, now you can. Or for secuirity reasons you could have turn them on from anywhere.

Pretty neat!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

James Powderly is a professional graffiti artist based in NYC. He was recently arrested in Beijing for demonstrating his more recognizable art which reflects political tones by using interactive laser lights. It's a temporary installation that leaves a lasting impression. His company or artistry group is called GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB

They can detain but they can't silence!



Human Trafficking

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How much would you sell your child for?

How much are you worth?

Design comes in all kinds of forms. D E S I G N is a "word"- it's not a square, a prism or a car. This post in dedicated to a different type of design, the design of HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

This isn't a problem for the history books, this is as prevalent now as ever and quite possibly worse. China is a leader in this volatile and epidemic issue. It would be one thing if the government simply wasn't prepared to combat this, but for them to be an integral partner to the problem is heartbreaking.

You have a government controlling population [1 child per couple]. You must also register the child before conception to see if you are allowed. Anyone who is pregnant without proper authorization is subject to a mandated abortion. This means they FORCE YOU TO KILL YOUR UNBORN CHILD!

Even if you are lucky enough to still have your child the government can charge you with a fee so large your entire family will be in jeopardy of their basic human needs. If you can't pay they'll take everything you have. This is ONLY 1 example of how people are forced into a situation to SELL their children simply to make ends meet and kept from being charged with a criminal act. Worse yet, you have couples having children just to make money on the market...

This is how you have a power country filled to the brim with people, getting paid nothing and being treated as slaves so the rest of the world can get a Wal-mart filled with disposable products. Just a friendly reminder to think long and hard about your lifestyle and at what expense(s) your luxuries in life come. [Your...iPOD (...or electronics to be fair), Starbucks, Convenient Stores, Natural Resources, Advertisements, Packaging Materials... virtually anything].

But you have also created a market for HUMAN TRAFFICKING [ONLY 1 out of 20 are trafficked people are rescued]. People barter human life, sell it, steal it, dispose of it and use it to their advantage [often just for their own survival as well]. There is a hierarchy that exist, which you can find in the gender of the children, if they are deemed attractive, their age and genetic quality. But, this is helping to control a population dilemma while supplying [Supply and Demand 101] an industrialized civilization, so why would the government step in to extinguish this? They aren't and they have don't mean to.

I don't think I'm doing justice to the image of this act. Imagine a mother and father has their baby ripped from their lives, literally their arms at times. The government won't help, they can't afford to look themselves or hire help, other people in the community are unresponsive because they are going through the same thing and you are tortured by all the uncertainties of what's happening. This innocent boy or girl is being forced to do unspeakable acts. Cooking, cleaning, robbery, prostitution, murder, being adopted or even simply being beaten and eventually murdered. They tend to be miles or even countries away from their families with little or no chance of ever seeing home again. That's giving them the benefit of being able to remember what home once was.

As if that's not graphic enough. Because payment means so much, you have to live with selling your child to someone rich for LESS or someone poor for MORE. Why? Because wouldn't you want the best life for your child even if you couldn't give that to them, wouldn't you pay to make sure they have a better opportunity or in this case accept less money.

Human conditioning isn't ingrained as some perceive it's social conditioning. You can blame society, parenting, environment, politics, television, video games or any other media if you are that naive. The truth is we are a sponge from birth and what we absorb in life plays a pivotal role on our future, our decisions and means of life.

I hope enough people take each and every brothers and sisters hands and stand united against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It's not a ghost or an entity too large to overcome. This is a man made tragedy that we deal with or close our eyes to. But change comes by opening our eyes and extending a hand to get dirty and to help, how literal or abstract that is I know we are capable.



Eco Zone . TV

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Although I don't customarily advocate watching television, there are exceptions. The Eco Zone Project is one of those few exceptions. You'll see some faces you might even recognize like, Daisy Fuentes [enough said fellas] and John Bruce.

They have this casual, elementary and charismatic way of conveying remarkable products and environmental industries. The information they are able provide in a single episode seems to include what a months worth of devoted research would be.

Happy watching everyone!


Cell Phone Donations

We've come a long way since the invention of the cell phone. Some of the innovations, however legendary, haven't been in favor of the environment. Thankfully we have people working to improve and correct those errors in our judgments.

According to the EPA, recycling all of the 100 million cell phones in the U.S. that are approaching the end of their life-span would save enough energy to power more than 194,000 US households with electricity for one year.

One simple solution, which also helps military families stay in touch, is donating phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, a charity that uses the proceeds from recycling to purchase free prepaid phone cards for military members overseas. Simply drop off a used cell phone for Cell Phones for Soldiers recycling at any of AT&T's 1800 company-owned retail stores, nationwide.

For additional information, including a list of AT&T retail locations that serve as drop-off sites for Cell Phones for Soldiers, please visit http://www.att.com/troopsupport.



Thursday, February 14, 2008
Check out meebo

If you haven't seen meebo before, I think you should take a look. It allows you to sign on Instant Messenger interfaces on a single screen.

Another great feature is that you can create a meebo account and create an embedded chat file, this allows you to add it to your websites and awesome blogs, like the one right here on EcoDesignFreak.

You can even send me messages while I'm not online and I'll get them as soon as I sign on. I think this could be an easy / fun way to communicate and keep in touch.

Lets meebo!



Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't guarantee a prize, but I will be happy to give you the accreditation you rightfully deserve.

I know, I know, everyone is so obsessed with money! And here is another blog with another Donation Badge asking for mine...
Why would you make an investment, small or large, in contributing to the unknown and uncertainty of a blog? This is in some small part my attempt to ease those curiosities.

Please, also understand that donations can come in many forms. I'm not looking for just monetary compensation. If you have other means of donating or in part to my visions, I encourage all facets of giving.

In the future, if you would like more information concerning the donation purpose(s) or would like me to personally contact you with additional details, I will be pleased to satisfy any questions.
Here is a small [growing] list of future applications that your donations could / would be contributing towards:
  • INVEST in sponsored non-profit organizations
  • Start DESIGN COMPETITIONS based on EcoDesignFreak ideologies and philosophies
  • Sponsor INVENTION SESSIONS to get the community together and ideate about growing opportunities
  • Don't have enough personal time? Use mine to START YOUR idea
Since I was young I have been an inventor, a leader and an entrepreneur. When I was in grade school I stayed up late to make beaded jewelry and sell them at lunch. I don't wait for opportunity, I make it! For credentials and personal information please visit: Alex Rozko Portfolio

I'm a designer and architect by training and my ideas extend far beyond this small list above, but theses are the concepts that I feel strongly enough to advocate and want to extend an opportunity for others to get involved with.

Please feel free to contact me via:
E-mail: rozko0002@yahoo.com
Comment sections provided on this page
* Please only call with serious inquiries


Solar Energy

A leader in the solar industry NANOSOLAR

You might be like me in some fashion and you hear all about certain "things" and know that you've heard about them before but don't know what it all means? Well hopefully I can shed some light of that "thing" about solar energy.

Solar Cells
Passive Solar Energy
Active Solar Energy

I'm not so much a glass is HALF anything kind of a guy, I say drink up and fill it again, absolute OPTIMISM. So there's global warming or there isn't, I'm personally sick of the controversy. The fact is that we have a lot of sunlight hitting our earths surface and there is an effect to all that. Why not drink up the effects and have some more? If there is some truth to this global warming stuff lets harness it, change the growing threat and make a significant fluctuation to it's outlook. I would be pleased in saying that, if our new concern was that we suddenly don't have enough energy being harnessed because of the reversed effect of mending our mother earth, than we have a severely better problem.

Let's innovate, initiate and empower change.



Sunday, February 10, 2008

I realize it's been awhile since ecodesignfreak has made a post. My hope is that this one will be the spark to ignite an inspiring fire of many more to come.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could have the that romantic relaxing moment by a fire and not feel guilty for what it's doing to our environment? To all my fellow hopeless romantic treehuggers out there, now we can! Thanks to ecosmart-fire not only can we enjoy those much needed serene moments, but you can do it in style.

So put away that organic cotton blanket, make a cup of organic tea and curl up next to that special someone and enjoy the heat.

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Green Jobs

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sustainable Business.Com
The Environmental Careers Organization

Like all times and places we are in the midst of a major crisis. Our opportunities and successes are skewed and the freedoms our generations still fight for still aren't at the level we should be enthralled to discuss.

What we have is a large portion of the demographics stuck in the middle class and fighting for basic necessities. These are the common people and the hard working middle class that is living a life for the Western traditions that have developed over time. What our society has conditioned us to believe is that for all that hard work, overtime and sacrifices that we make is for a cause greater than ourselves. Let's get back to the point of selfishness that we are lacking. Let's put our integrity, happiness and other people before the all mighty buck.

We have a society based on it's materialism and power hungry appetite. Recent figures show a major decline across the globe in the GDP. It's a rat race and we are fighting for mediocrity. Take some time to understand yourself, what is important and what you are willing to spend your time working on. The positions exist and people are waiting for others to step up. Lets beat down those doors and encourage one another. We can make things right.


Urban Millennium

Friday, December 21, 2007

We should all be concerned with the "usable" space required for living. Money is usually the easiest way to talk in a universal vernacular. If you break down square footage into a dollar amount than we begin to tangibly understand the significance of dollar to square footage. People have this horrid way of finding the cheapest ways to achieve maximum square footage by specifying cheap materials.

Why is this such a problem?...
For starters: because cheap materials imply poor manufacturing, toxic or polluting chemicals, corporate production [which can stem to ecological, social, political and global issues], labor laws, outsourcing [this has huge implication on our importing/ exporting trade], scarcity of resources, little research data and absolutely no consideration for the life-cycle of the product [waste, compost and recirculation].

* Please let me know if you have suggestions on where I can learn more about this next point?

I would like to learn more about the history and psychological significance of Western societies need for ownership and its correlation to success, specifically land. Urban environments are exceptional at doing the most with very little, because each inch comes at a high cost. The trouble lies more in the suburban and rural environments.

What we see in these areas is segregation and lack of communal infrastructures.
At this point in history we should NOT have to use an automobile to go 5 miles to our local grocery market, then 2 miles to pick up our dry cleaning, then 3 miles for a cup of coffee.

Our countries major problems are found in this 1 example.
What did it take to manufacture the automobile and supply the natural resources to make it function, get the "abundant" number of items to the grocery and from what parts of the world, create the cleaning chemicals used for dry cleaning, grow-crop-ship and make that cup of coffee and contain it in a stryofoam container?

This leads to catastrophic problems such as: waste, production, health and overconsumption.

Demand and Supply
The less demand we each have the less supply we will necessitate to function in society. Can you handle THE RIGID STATISTICS about our "Great Country".

It appears the simple lessons we learned in grade school like: SHARING, RESPECT OTHERS and TREAT THEM AS YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED were all just simple things we told children.

We lead by example and it's no wonder why we have so many problems in this country.



Brooklyn Furniture Designers - SCRAPILE

Even small efforts make a huge impact. Two designers, Carlos Salgado and Bart Bettencourt, have turned scrap wood at various shops into remarkably beautiful pieces of furniture. This reassures me that it only takes a small idea to impress people and make your true passions and dreams come true.

The concept of furniture should strike a major chord for designers. We should feel the sense of responsibility to research and specify only pieces that have a function and purpose. Putting aesthetic aside, spaces are meant to be designed with intent.

How is the space used?
What activities will be performed?
Who and how many will occupy the area?
How modular or permanent is the space?
Is it a private or public space?
Should it feel intimate or spacious?
What are the key elements, focus points and introductions of other elements?
Is it working harmoniously with nature or in contrast with it?
How does the space affect you and improve your experience?

It's easy to fill up a space with "things', typically unnecessary and often inarticulate to it's function and purpose. We see this most often in suburban homes where the family room exist. These rooms are mostly the first room when entering, extremely large, disproportioned and resembles more of a museum than a functioning space.

You might see an increasing used term called, minimalism developing. From a designers position I would say this is a good transition. Minimalism condones a feeling of emptiness and coldness. Designed properly that connotation can be dismissed completely. When exceptional minimalism works, it is highly detailed, intricate and complex, while appearing simple. If a bare wall exist, it should exist to highlight its texture-light-drama [to name a few possibilities]. In almost the same way that a window should be placed with absolute precision. It should be a statement, art, a moment of bliss and enlightenment. This element can and should be found in even the smallest, most awkward and unintentional places. This is where we reach a level of distinction and harmony.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Domus Magazine
Domus Academy

Regardless if you're a professional in design or just a person who appreciates good design. Domus is Italian based and explores all realms of design from an innovation standpoint to minuscule details that a professional seeks.

Domus Academy is emerging as a specialized institution for design and fashion. Although they are based in Milan they are going to extensive lengths to be an internationally focussed practice.

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3deluxe - it's DANISH it's GOOD

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Leonardo Class Cube [video]

Design has a means of employing a sense of power and intelligence that seems effortless in its maturest form. I have formulated the perception and understanding that when things seem simple, elegant and at times effortless lies a true genius. 3deluxe has not only mastered but [respectfully] is revolutionizing the next metamorphosis of design.

The depths of inspiration are many and can be equally as significant to any project as the media they are presented in. Looking into nature at all it's scales can bring enlightenment to a project and the human psyche.

I hope this website and video can satisfy a multitude of services:
  • I hope you are personally inspired
  • You gain an understanding for the design field
  • It can speak a universal language all can appreciate
  • We can interpret [1] concept of where the future now exist
  • Gain greater appreciation for diversity across the globe
  • Commend our abilities to create and think outside the box


Project Import Export

P.I.E. website (organic furniture)

Society has a way of taking the ordinary and creating extraordinary. This can work harmoniously with society and influence our experiences if designed with thought and context in mind.

Materiality is a fundamental and significant factor in our sensory experiences. I would hope most of us can appreciate well articulated and controlled design when it exist. Too often we only recall and appreciate design when it falters. Most of us can recall a moment when a piece of furniture was uncomfortable, awkward and left a pain in our bodies. In the same regard we need to be considerate and conscious of the moments when design works.

The beginning of any project is always the point of creativeness. This is the point when ideas are spawned and when the imagination has the freedom to wander. At the same time I would say this is the point to be critical and decisive.

In this case the customer is asked to accept the architect/ designers rules. The creator is telling us that this particular piece must be rattan, aluminum, waterhyacinth, lianna or bamboo. We are also told that the piece will be rigid yet organically allow our human form to mold simultaneously. It will be shapely and large, yet hollow seeming almost light and fragile. The natural elements tie you directly with the earth and the industrial components contrast its basic intent. Everything has seemed to be carefully thought through down to it's scale, proportion and function.


Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

Monday, December 3, 2007

Emmanuel's Gift
Challenged Athletes Foundation
Wheelchair Foundation
King Osagyefuo

It happens more often than I would admit, but humanity has the ability to move me. Once again a story hit a nerve deep in my soul, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah is a name that should be recognized and remembered.

A sad truth is that I have had Emmanuel's Gift in my DVD collection now for well over a year and until this evening it has been alphabetized and never viewed. Tonight I can proudly advocate this motion picture and eagerly encourage you to embrace his strength and perseverance.

Our own purposes in life can be difficult to recognize. Even in their most brilliant clarity they might not seem monumental (I imagine that is rare), but I'm positive that we all have a significance for being. No matter how minute or grand our purpose is, we all have an opportunity to be part of a solution and a make a difference.

The world is in a constant state of crisis. Don't be fooled by our traditions and holiday festivities. Give a gift that can help change conditions on a global spectrum. Help those that don't have the strength to cry, let alone ask for your help.


Donations Are Appreciated

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Room to Read
World Vision
Just Give (search category for any possible charity)
Eco Design (greenpeace)
World Changing

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

I remember flying imaginary planes outside into the wind, scraping up my arms from climbing trees like a monkey, building tree houses where I would go and dream of being a king, blowing bubbles and watching the sparkle of the rainbows, the smell of fall leaves on my clothes after piling them up and tumbling into them, sled riding and the soft marshmallow's in my hot chocolate on my lips, building lemonade stands out of cardboard and the smorgasboard of flavors in my grandmas garden.

These are suppose to be simple times filled with warm innocent memories. We were truly free from all the elements of the world, we were restless dreamers and consumers of fantasies.
Unfortunately this isn't the same memory that other people all over the world have the luxury of remembering. It's never too late to do something and help. There is no better time then right now.

People across the world are living in partial and complete desolation. I don't know how any of us can rest easily and simply do nothing or at best say words like, "That's sad, I wish I could do something?". I not going to post a pity picture up of a child that needs your help and who is suffering from malnutrition and covered with flies. We've all witnessed the cruelty of the world and of our own kind.

What I want is to inform you of the foundations, organization, services, nonprofit services, charities and donation centers that exist to help the cause.

I understand it can be overwhelming to find a provider that you feel comfortable and confident with. I know a problem with most processes is the fact that you lose connection with your efforts or don't see the results. Also, I know picking the right organization can be cumbersome. And an even greater hesitancy is the difficultly of letting go of something of value and not getting anything more than good karma in return.

We all work diligently and in some perspective "hard" to achieve what we earn, but as humanitarians we should feel an urgency and necessity to take care of planet. Prosperity can come and go, but it's our responses to opportunities that can shape the world. If you think for a second that your small investment isn't worthy of recognition than I will personally do whatever it takes to remedy that.

Above you will find a short list of providers I strongly recommend. They are ones that I'm confident in advertising and wish that I could do more personally for them.

Your contributions large or small are never without reward. Imagine taking a gun out of a child's hands and replacing it with a book. The repercussions of that generosity could have no greater value then the opportunity of life.


Climate and Energy Policy

Friday, November 16, 2007

[Listen] to Presidential Candidates Speak about Climate and Energy Policies

Right now, more than ever, we need to be careful about what we hear and what we believe. President George Bush Jr. has created a dark shadow for the next president to fill. He/ she needs to fulfill the environmental promises, expectations and goals that have already been implemented.

The future of our climate and energy is already in motion but the solutions are still looming. It will take change on national and international levels.

Here is a short list of areas to keep an eye on:
  • Leading industries
  • Major importing
  • Major exporting
  • Industrial production
  • Technological advancements
  • Global relationships
  • Resource outlooks and figures
  • Developing areas across the globe
The development of such a monumental alteration comes from specifically orchestrated decisions. The election of our next President is only one of those, but a major one.



Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lifestraw Homepage

It's good to know that government funding and scientific research can still develop positive inventions.

I mean sure it's cool that my phone can play music, take pictures, get internet, email, calculate, wake me up, play movies, entertain, send images, open doors, function as a remote control, grate cheese and... oh yeah make calls.

Imagine the lives that will be affected with this invention. Imagine how many children will see an age they never dreamed of. Imagine how many memories will be created now because people can DRINK WATER.

This is only one small step to solving a very serious problem and by no means is this the answer, but at least something has been created, HOPE.

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Jatropha - Wiki
Jatropha [article]

Researchers are constantly exploring any new evidence for natural resources. A lot of economical factors are based on our resources which makes a transition from one element to another very difficult.

We have the knowledge, the technology and the developing areas to designate significant research. By utilizing new technologies we can also think critically about other factors. Creating new trades with foreign countries, opening new avenues for pharmaceutical research, financially aid other countries and so much more.

It's true that we learn from history. This is a generation of alteration and reconstruction. There has been Industrial Revolutions, Post-Modernism, Baby Boom... this is the Age of Reconstruction.


The Precipice Alliance

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Where to start with this post...?

The Precipice Alliance was created to bring awareness of the global effects of climate change. It's an institute created to support art installations, creative freedom and inspiration. There are amazing resources on the site that I strongly recommend taking some personal time with exploring and sharing (Look for: "External Links" and "Sponsors"). I first heard of this through David Reinfurt - Dexter Sinister of O R G who spoke at Pecha Kucha.

Pecha Kucha was conceived in 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. It's grown to be a melting pot of international issues, inspiring work and social awareness. It's really so much more than this, but it was born from these concepts in mind.

David Reinfurt spoke about Dubai and more specifically human rights.

Is it remarkable what Dubai has been able to achieve?
Did it come at a cost?
This cost was paid by financing but more importantly human life.

There won't ever be a definitive number to the people who lost their lives to create this fantasy land.
Because people were imported and treated as slaves. When they arrived they were given promises and false hopes. As soon as they arrived all their personal belongings were confiscated, including any personal identification, security cards, passports, photographs... anything and everything. Of course these documents were "conveniently misplaced" and never found again. I heard at that point they fabricated a figure of 3,000 people losing their lives when in actuality it was closer to 50,000.

Imagine needing financial help so badly that you would leave your family and country. Imagine giving up your rights and freedoms and identity to try and earn enough to send home for survival. Imagine giving up your life so other people can snowboard indoors.


I can't!!!



Monday, November 5, 2007

Starbucks Article

Fair Trade Coffee

I do love taking a corporate logo and redesigning it to showing it for what it really represents. However, I can't seem to keep doing that. For fear that I'm only representing it's image even more and the idea that, "Even Bad Advertising is Good Advertising".

I'm not advocating any bit of the coffee business. It's made up of some of the most corrupt individuals in the world. Workers are often treated like slaves, underpaid, exposed to terrible working conditions and bribed. Then there's the environmental concerns: highly potent chemicals, natural resources being absorbed and the affects on the natural wildlife. We should also look at our dependency of this chemical. Our consumption is one problem but also the economy that exist because of this little bean. The affects can be great: addiction, stunted growth, increased heart rate, leading cause of stress (caffeine) and bad breathe.

I am a coffee addict myself. I love knowing the differences between good and bad coffee. I love all the different flavors. I love waking up and preparing it and smelling it. I love going to my local independent shops and talking about it. I love reading a book and sipping on a strong black cup-o-joe. I love pounding my last sip before starting my day. I love my memories that I have with me drinking coffee. I love picking it out and reading about it. There's a lot to love about something so simple.

But there is too much at stake. Spend a moment trying to find the will power deep inside to make wiser choices. Sure this might mean you'll go through withdrawal syndrome, but you can wakeup and feel good about yourself instead of feeling awake.

If nothing else, try and buy from a fair trade vendor and research more about your aromatastic product.

How are the people treated, where was it processed, how was it produced, how was it packaged, how long was it roasted, how was it supplied/ shipped, how much is produced annually... be tasteful and WAKE UP!


Straw Architecture

Try and blow this house down you big bad wolf [article]

In every industry there seems to be these areas that are frequently studied, discussed and researched that go overlooked by those who don't share the same practice. Straw Bale Construction isn't a new form of construction it's just not the most common.

It has many pros:
  • Typically a local product, which cuts down on fuel cost
  • When plastered over it has a higher fire rating than the majority of other materials (believe it or not)
  • The leftover material would typically be burnt, which (for obvious reasons) is not good
  • Construction cost per square foot is lower
  • Manufacturing cost is more efficient
  • It's a sustainable material
  • Increases energy efficiency (cools and insulates better)
  • From a design perspective can be an interesting material in comparison
As the article demonstrates and further imagery will support, this is an amazing alternative to our typical building components. It's unfortunate that topics like this aren't more common knowledge. Lets share our ideas and expand the realms of possibilities.

2008 Presidential Candidates

Sunday, November 4, 2007


On my best behavior I will say this...
It is an absolute tragedy when american idol receives more votes than our presidential election.

Lets break this down...

People going to war, killing human beings, guarding our livelihood, creating a future for our country, aiding in the development and protection of others, building an economy for the world, creating new laws, generate revenue, provides and imports resources, etc...

American Idol:
Joe Schmo gets a contract to produce more crap in the world. If he/ she doesn't win they still will get a multi-million dollar contract. Sing, entertain, buy stuff, makes front page news with every new haircut, will make most dinner conversations, becomes a little girl(s) or boy(s) role model. Will fall off the face of the Earth in less than 5 years.

At least we will be singing new stupid songs while the world goes to hell.

Sounds like AMERICA to me!




Article about television

For some time now I've been against "most" television programming. To say all programs are bad would be like saying that all fats and sugars are as well. I would assume we all would agree that this isn't true and on occasion they can all be essential to life.

It's a proven fact that the flashes of light from the tele actually cause a person to experience a form of hypnosis.

The human eye can read at a rate of 1/100th fps (frames per second). Television typically ranges from 30 - 60 fps. Below that rate would be perceived as flickering and above would be continuous light.

If you look at the evolution of television and the film industry you'll notice dramatic differences quickly within the industry. That's because LIKE ALL THINGS there is a science to it. People are paid a lot of money to make sure you don't walk away from a program or turn it off. That explains the quick frames, extreme lighting control, action and need for quick transitions.

Why do you think stations hate dead air?

Yes, you can feel bad for wasting your entire evening watching that rerun you've seen 1,000 times before but now you have someone to blame. Don't be fooled by the manufactured light. Choose how you live your life and spend your time.

Wake up and welcome back to the REAL WORLD.

"Boredom doesn't exist. I have too many hobbies to ever feel bored. People who use this term obviously aren't stimulated by life and aren't using their brains for real thinking."
- [loosely quoted] by Matthew Ziff


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Click here to see real tree houses

Someone else's UTOPIA that's worth looking at

I believe in a thing called "DREAMS"

Have you ever thought of something so ridiculous that you considered it a dream. Then as if someone crawled into your thoughts they made your dream come true?

I try not to get personal in this blog, but I'm a IDEALIST. We are all creative individuals and full of fanciful concepts. Only a small percentage have the ambition and courage to bring fantasy to reality.

Can you imagine a fantasy world, a utopia? What would it look like, are there theories/ beliefs/ philosophies used to create this image? What would the biggest differences from our known reality?

I'm inspired by this thought and if you are as well but need some influencing, I hope these following words and the links above will help:
  • Modular
  • Mobile
  • Stationary
  • Circulatory
  • Weightless
  • Undulating
  • Under water
  • Above ground
  • Gravity
  • Floating
  • Outer Space
  • Concentric
  • Symmetrical
  • Repetition
  • Private
  • Public
  • Intimate
  • Rigid
  • Plain
  • Natural
  • Industrial
  • Manipulative
  • Form
  • Colorful
I would love to hear some responses to this post [even though I don't think anyone reads these] or even some imagery if you are so inclined.



Monday, October 15, 2007

Steve Jobs is failing - Read for yourself...

Not that I needed another reason to HATE apple. But here is the latest:

1. Create a fancy product that will temporarily replace our already existing products
2. Build up the market around your own custom tailored services
3. Over price an inexpensive and harmful product, which we should question their initial development
4. Lie to the public about previous promises, possible attempts and failures in the past
Play off the dimwitted yet product savvy culture that cares more about keeping up with the Joneses then their personal responsibilities
6. Integrate harmful materials, chemicals and toxins into an already questionable product
7. Sell it at an extravagant price that seems to fit within a trend based research document
8. Make money to do this over and over and over again until you can retire at an early age - procreate and institute the same ideologies into our future generations
9. Become a permanent figure in history as a creator and provider of a modern day form of NARCISSISM but have a but load of money to take to your lonely black grave.

This is just another example of how deceptive and manipulative APPLE is. We can not be so easily fooled by their shiny exterior, simple design, minimal aesthetic and user friendly interfaces. Each time their stock rises, their sales increase, they gain market exposure we should be ashamed that we put materialism before social obligation.

Morals, Ethics, Beliefs, Opinions, Facts... these are the basis of our livelihood. They are what make us individuals in an increasing population. Without these we are savages and live blindly.

With our eyes gazing, mouths blaring and our minds illuminated we will not be thought of as ants marching. We will be lions hungry for truth, cautious of all dangers, protectors of our surroundings and mindful beasts not to be reckoned with. Open wide, bite hard and bite off more than you can chew, rip into the pristine fleshy exterior of the prey, let their cries be heard across the plains, eat until the ground cascades red in all directions, let it be a beacon for others and leave behind remains to help nourish and satisfy until all that is left is a shell of what use to be and let that become the example of what we are capable of.


New Hybrid Bus

Friday, October 12, 2007

[Article] Modern Hybrid Bus Transit

Some info for those non-New Yorkers.

We have a full line of Hybrid Bus systems already in use. But now there is a new series that decreased the sound pollution and addressed the environmental concern. This is by no means new technology, but I feel we should all be aware of the transit systems technological advances and how relevant these innovations play out in our own lives.

We have the options out there to reduce co2 emissions and make lifestyle choices that make dramatic improvements. Improvements on present conditions, future concerns, social environments and personal levels.

[walk, run, scooter, bicycle, segway, moped, dirt bike, vespa, motorcycle, hybrid car, car pool, bus, train, rollerblade, hoppity ball (that rubber ball thing with a handle), cannon launcher, astral projection]

... all these are logical alternatives

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"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill, speaking of the turning point battle of El Alamein,1942

[Article] Al Gore, the Nobel Peace Prize


Justify Life

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Want to do more with life? So do I... here are some links that might help.

Ameri Corps
Peace Corps
Habitat for Humanity
Red Cross

Organic Growth

Thursday, October 4, 2007

[Magazine] Fast Company - [Article] Organic Growth

Fast Company magazine has come widely recommended to me via several personal contacts. As such I am also advocating it as a good read.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Article from Live Science about how egg shells
can become our next fuel source.

Article from International Herald Tribune
discussing the pros and cons of corn as fuel.

Article from Energy Current explaining the
ongoing research in the development of algae as a fuel.

Article and Video demonstrating how salt water
can be burned to create energy.


Aung San Suu kyi - Burma

Monday, October 1, 2007

Aung San Suu kyi fought for Burma and was imprisoned unjustly. Her story and the continuation of Burma should be shared.

The following video is a montage Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan created. There is a short introduction before the song begins that explains some of the history.

Aung San Suu kyi is a liberator and is an example of how one person can change the world. If you want to know more or think you can help visit ACTION BURMA.


Prefab Design

Thursday, September 27, 2007

mkd - michelle kaufmann designs

Michelle Kaufmann discusses her perception and philosophy of Prefab Green in this video.

People are finally taking to this notion of prefabrication here in the U.S. This has been marketed as a new innovation which couldn't be further from the truth. The unfortunate truth is that until recently prefab has had a negative connotation associated with it, specifically connected with the mobile home industry. I personally advocate everyone to investigate and research the history of the mobile home. It's a remarkable design when you think of how much is designed into a minimal amount of square footage. It's one of many manufactured inspirations out there.

Airstream has been one of the most well recognized fabricators for their industrial and minimalist aesthetic.


Redefining the Suburbs

Cohousing Partners [main website]

Design leader Kathryn McCamant talks about her revelation while in Denmark . Cohousing [video] redefines the idea of the suburbs. This design philosophy encourages interaction, community, sustainability and public spaces. This is an infrastructure to a way of life, the people will make the cohousing environments all their own. A mix of the urban in the suburban, enjoy!


Rugmark [Video] is a label that ensures quality made rubs and carpeting. This means no child labor in production and profits go to the education of children instead of slavery.

Cornell Chronicle Online

Thursday, September 20, 2007