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Tap It

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That's right, I said, TAP IT. It's a new idea in the NYC urban vision to save the world.

Information below comes straight from the site: TAP IT [site]

TapIt gives you easy access to great tasting New York City tap water. Our partners let you fill your bottle and we help you find them on
the go.

Your smartphone or PC shows you the closest water stations at tapitwater.com or on the iPhone using ManGo (free from the App Store). And at TapIt stations, you don’t pay for expensive containers that are carbon-costly and hard to recycle. If you’ve been buying a quart of water daily, that means TapIt can save you more than $500
a year.

Read our blog, Sign up for news. Become a TapIt partner and let everyone know that sustainable water matters to you.

It may seem basic to outsiders of the NYC area, but finding a location to refill a water bottle and going the restroom are rare commodities. This is one of the most effective concepts to battle the water bottle crisis and I hope all of you will support the cause.

It would be a great day to see the water bottle companies shutting down their production lines and starting a new trend. It would be an opportunity to SAVE LIVES by creating wells / drainage/ sewage and clean water access for struggling communities across the globe.

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Terra Furnishings

Friday, February 20, 2009

Terra Furnishings is the, "MA & PA" of furniture. They bring the true nature of furniture, craft and beauty into our spaces. Earth friendly, sustainable and hand crafted wood pieces are as elegant as they are unique. Their customer service is as attentive to the details as their product.

Furniture, like art, should have a purpose-function-general meaning. Some pieces should stand out as a bold statement and others may blend into the surroundings, as not to distract from other elements.

Furniture too often gets overlooked. We try to fill empty spaces and hope that in the end it looks "ok". With so many production pieces and warehouses filled to the brim with options what's a consumer to do? That is of course, if you have to consume at all?

Be a smart consumer...

1. Buy what you need
2. Think of the functionality
3. Question the production process and it's ramifications
4. Use less
5. Consider the life-cycle of the product
6. Appreciate how the product improves the quality of your life
7. Be selective in your quest to decorate
8. And most importantly... ENJOY THE PROCESS!

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Global Furniture

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Located at Lake Mendota, near the UN-Madison memorial Union Terrace shoreline.

You may find Artist/Designer, Hongtao Zhou, creating blissfully pristine furniture pieces out of snow [season depending]. Concerning the direction global warming is melting towards, Mr. Zhou, has created an installation in response.

Mr. Zhou:
"The furniture is in connection with the lake, the land(architecture), the air and the people and complete a sustainable life cycle with minimum environmental impact."

"My hope is that the climate furniture can help raise awareness of sustainable design with less or without negative impact."

"Following the weather changes, the furniture will back into the lake and become a part of the water body again and complete their beautiful green life cycle."

It's this type of creativeness, thoughtfulness and sensory reaction to a growing problem that brings awareness and urgency. It's difficult to truly appreciate how grave this issue is. We throw statistics around, make charts and even try and document the catastrophes, but somehow we lose the human scale/ proportion.

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America the Dream

Friday, February 13, 2009

Not to say this image justifies all the National problems, but it embodies the direction our society has evolved into.

I'm confident our new leadership can be a catalyst for change. As President Obama believes and so do the members of Eco.Design.Freak, the responsibility is upon us.

We need to prove to ourselves, our future generations and the world that America is a Nation devoted to humanity. If we take responsibility for our lifestyles and how we interact with our communities, we can inspire good.

For too long has our society relied on mass consumerism, cheap thrills and instant gratification. For too long have we outsourced what we have been proficient at. For too long have the numbers outweighed human condition.

The moment was yesterday to do something about our problems, the time is now to prove we are ready and tomorrow it will show that we are capable.

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