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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

James Powderly is a professional graffiti artist based in NYC. He was recently arrested in Beijing for demonstrating his more recognizable art which reflects political tones by using interactive laser lights. It's a temporary installation that leaves a lasting impression. His company or artistry group is called GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB

They can detain but they can't silence!



Human Trafficking

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How much would you sell your child for?

How much are you worth?

Design comes in all kinds of forms. D E S I G N is a "word"- it's not a square, a prism or a car. This post in dedicated to a different type of design, the design of HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

This isn't a problem for the history books, this is as prevalent now as ever and quite possibly worse. China is a leader in this volatile and epidemic issue. It would be one thing if the government simply wasn't prepared to combat this, but for them to be an integral partner to the problem is heartbreaking.

You have a government controlling population [1 child per couple]. You must also register the child before conception to see if you are allowed. Anyone who is pregnant without proper authorization is subject to a mandated abortion. This means they FORCE YOU TO KILL YOUR UNBORN CHILD!

Even if you are lucky enough to still have your child the government can charge you with a fee so large your entire family will be in jeopardy of their basic human needs. If you can't pay they'll take everything you have. This is ONLY 1 example of how people are forced into a situation to SELL their children simply to make ends meet and kept from being charged with a criminal act. Worse yet, you have couples having children just to make money on the market...

This is how you have a power country filled to the brim with people, getting paid nothing and being treated as slaves so the rest of the world can get a Wal-mart filled with disposable products. Just a friendly reminder to think long and hard about your lifestyle and at what expense(s) your luxuries in life come. [Your...iPOD (...or electronics to be fair), Starbucks, Convenient Stores, Natural Resources, Advertisements, Packaging Materials... virtually anything].

But you have also created a market for HUMAN TRAFFICKING [ONLY 1 out of 20 are trafficked people are rescued]. People barter human life, sell it, steal it, dispose of it and use it to their advantage [often just for their own survival as well]. There is a hierarchy that exist, which you can find in the gender of the children, if they are deemed attractive, their age and genetic quality. But, this is helping to control a population dilemma while supplying [Supply and Demand 101] an industrialized civilization, so why would the government step in to extinguish this? They aren't and they have don't mean to.

I don't think I'm doing justice to the image of this act. Imagine a mother and father has their baby ripped from their lives, literally their arms at times. The government won't help, they can't afford to look themselves or hire help, other people in the community are unresponsive because they are going through the same thing and you are tortured by all the uncertainties of what's happening. This innocent boy or girl is being forced to do unspeakable acts. Cooking, cleaning, robbery, prostitution, murder, being adopted or even simply being beaten and eventually murdered. They tend to be miles or even countries away from their families with little or no chance of ever seeing home again. That's giving them the benefit of being able to remember what home once was.

As if that's not graphic enough. Because payment means so much, you have to live with selling your child to someone rich for LESS or someone poor for MORE. Why? Because wouldn't you want the best life for your child even if you couldn't give that to them, wouldn't you pay to make sure they have a better opportunity or in this case accept less money.

Human conditioning isn't ingrained as some perceive it's social conditioning. You can blame society, parenting, environment, politics, television, video games or any other media if you are that naive. The truth is we are a sponge from birth and what we absorb in life plays a pivotal role on our future, our decisions and means of life.

I hope enough people take each and every brothers and sisters hands and stand united against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It's not a ghost or an entity too large to overcome. This is a man made tragedy that we deal with or close our eyes to. But change comes by opening our eyes and extending a hand to get dirty and to help, how literal or abstract that is I know we are capable.