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Ag = Alchemy Goods

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alchemy Goods Website

Ag has created a product line from rubber bike tubes. Their products are 70%(+) post consumer material.

The Intelligent Consumer:
Necessity of the product, functionality / purpose, material implications, lifetime expectancy / after-use intents, construction / production processes, ergonomics [when it applies], customer relations, warranty / guarantee's. I would suggest these as a simple and beginning guide to leading a life as an Intelligent Consumer.

Ag gets a 5 star in their customer relations. From personal experience and review/research I can tell you that they are out to make a lifetime customer. They personally picked out a bag for me and took a picture of it for my approval.

Others, after using their bags for 3 years sent them to the manufacture for minor stitching issues and have raved about their attention. At no cost to the customer they've shipped it and performed a through evaluation of the products.

And lets face it.... this bag KICKS ASS!

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