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Website Relocation

Sunday, January 31, 2010
I want to thank all the viewers of EcoDesignFreak.

It has been a pleasure learning and sharing information together. That goal has not been diminished in time, quite the opposite actually. This page has developed into something more substantial and can now be found at the link below:


"Rozko Design is dedicated to architectural conversations based on theories and practice. In addition, it’s a response to the saturation of design and lack of inherent quality consuming our markets. Along with a more positive affirmation of, arguably, brilliant design.

The industry of architecture and design is a destructive process at it’s most fundamental stages, where it should be a model to other industries.

RD+A is forward thinking and multidisciplinary by nature. This includes looking at design history, current conditions and the future path[s] being developed.

Design has always been a human creation that battles between the thin line of art and function. Unlike most industries there is no perfect formula or sum for that in which we create. There are however conditions that [us] designers use in constructing ideas. It is these tools and education[s] that the public relies on.

WE KILL DESIGN asks critical questions about the accepting of such “things” as architecture and design."

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