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Steve Jobs is failing - Read for yourself...

Not that I needed another reason to HATE apple. But here is the latest:

1. Create a fancy product that will temporarily replace our already existing products
2. Build up the market around your own custom tailored services
3. Over price an inexpensive and harmful product, which we should question their initial development
4. Lie to the public about previous promises, possible attempts and failures in the past
Play off the dimwitted yet product savvy culture that cares more about keeping up with the Joneses then their personal responsibilities
6. Integrate harmful materials, chemicals and toxins into an already questionable product
7. Sell it at an extravagant price that seems to fit within a trend based research document
8. Make money to do this over and over and over again until you can retire at an early age - procreate and institute the same ideologies into our future generations
9. Become a permanent figure in history as a creator and provider of a modern day form of NARCISSISM but have a but load of money to take to your lonely black grave.

This is just another example of how deceptive and manipulative APPLE is. We can not be so easily fooled by their shiny exterior, simple design, minimal aesthetic and user friendly interfaces. Each time their stock rises, their sales increase, they gain market exposure we should be ashamed that we put materialism before social obligation.

Morals, Ethics, Beliefs, Opinions, Facts... these are the basis of our livelihood. They are what make us individuals in an increasing population. Without these we are savages and live blindly.

With our eyes gazing, mouths blaring and our minds illuminated we will not be thought of as ants marching. We will be lions hungry for truth, cautious of all dangers, protectors of our surroundings and mindful beasts not to be reckoned with. Open wide, bite hard and bite off more than you can chew, rip into the pristine fleshy exterior of the prey, let their cries be heard across the plains, eat until the ground cascades red in all directions, let it be a beacon for others and leave behind remains to help nourish and satisfy until all that is left is a shell of what use to be and let that become the example of what we are capable of.


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