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Why Apple?

This is an image I created from my vault of goodies.

As a designer I can't help but be drawn to the simplicity and design that APPLE offers. However, I have yet to make any monetary contribution to their company [even despite my brother's incentive of a $50 gift certificate]. I can't be so frivolous in my deception just from an aesthetic standpoint.

Who has an iPOD?... Now who has had to get more than (1) iPOD?

Life expectancy for the iPOD is (4) years. The statistics show more than 80% of you will have to replace your iPODs within (1.5) years after purchasing it.

Apple has fallen drastically short of making any progress in moving towards GREEN design. They have ranked actually lowest among the competition. Steve Jobs makes every opportunity to throw around their intentions and that has actually become a selling point for them. Despite a lack of action, their stock goes up and you keep feeling like the "Satisfied Fool". I don't mean to offend anyones intelligences but we need to look past MARKETED DESIGN and see the INTERNAL INFRASTRUCTURE.
  • What are the motives?
  • Who benefits?
  • What do you get for your loyalty?
Articles to back up my "opinion":


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