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Urban Millennium

We should all be concerned with the "usable" space required for living. Money is usually the easiest way to talk in a universal vernacular. If you break down square footage into a dollar amount than we begin to tangibly understand the significance of dollar to square footage. People have this horrid way of finding the cheapest ways to achieve maximum square footage by specifying cheap materials.

Why is this such a problem?...
For starters: because cheap materials imply poor manufacturing, toxic or polluting chemicals, corporate production [which can stem to ecological, social, political and global issues], labor laws, outsourcing [this has huge implication on our importing/ exporting trade], scarcity of resources, little research data and absolutely no consideration for the life-cycle of the product [waste, compost and recirculation].

* Please let me know if you have suggestions on where I can learn more about this next point?

I would like to learn more about the history and psychological significance of Western societies need for ownership and its correlation to success, specifically land. Urban environments are exceptional at doing the most with very little, because each inch comes at a high cost. The trouble lies more in the suburban and rural environments.

What we see in these areas is segregation and lack of communal infrastructures.
At this point in history we should NOT have to use an automobile to go 5 miles to our local grocery market, then 2 miles to pick up our dry cleaning, then 3 miles for a cup of coffee.

Our countries major problems are found in this 1 example.
What did it take to manufacture the automobile and supply the natural resources to make it function, get the "abundant" number of items to the grocery and from what parts of the world, create the cleaning chemicals used for dry cleaning, grow-crop-ship and make that cup of coffee and contain it in a stryofoam container?

This leads to catastrophic problems such as: waste, production, health and overconsumption.

Demand and Supply
The less demand we each have the less supply we will necessitate to function in society. Can you handle THE RIGID STATISTICS about our "Great Country".

It appears the simple lessons we learned in grade school like: SHARING, RESPECT OTHERS and TREAT THEM AS YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED were all just simple things we told children.

We lead by example and it's no wonder why we have so many problems in this country.


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