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Donations Are Appreciated

Room to Read
World Vision
Just Give (search category for any possible charity)
Eco Design (greenpeace)
World Changing

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

I remember flying imaginary planes outside into the wind, scraping up my arms from climbing trees like a monkey, building tree houses where I would go and dream of being a king, blowing bubbles and watching the sparkle of the rainbows, the smell of fall leaves on my clothes after piling them up and tumbling into them, sled riding and the soft marshmallow's in my hot chocolate on my lips, building lemonade stands out of cardboard and the smorgasboard of flavors in my grandmas garden.

These are suppose to be simple times filled with warm innocent memories. We were truly free from all the elements of the world, we were restless dreamers and consumers of fantasies.
Unfortunately this isn't the same memory that other people all over the world have the luxury of remembering. It's never too late to do something and help. There is no better time then right now.

People across the world are living in partial and complete desolation. I don't know how any of us can rest easily and simply do nothing or at best say words like, "That's sad, I wish I could do something?". I not going to post a pity picture up of a child that needs your help and who is suffering from malnutrition and covered with flies. We've all witnessed the cruelty of the world and of our own kind.

What I want is to inform you of the foundations, organization, services, nonprofit services, charities and donation centers that exist to help the cause.

I understand it can be overwhelming to find a provider that you feel comfortable and confident with. I know a problem with most processes is the fact that you lose connection with your efforts or don't see the results. Also, I know picking the right organization can be cumbersome. And an even greater hesitancy is the difficultly of letting go of something of value and not getting anything more than good karma in return.

We all work diligently and in some perspective "hard" to achieve what we earn, but as humanitarians we should feel an urgency and necessity to take care of planet. Prosperity can come and go, but it's our responses to opportunities that can shape the world. If you think for a second that your small investment isn't worthy of recognition than I will personally do whatever it takes to remedy that.

Above you will find a short list of providers I strongly recommend. They are ones that I'm confident in advertising and wish that I could do more personally for them.

Your contributions large or small are never without reward. Imagine taking a gun out of a child's hands and replacing it with a book. The repercussions of that generosity could have no greater value then the opportunity of life.


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