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Green is awesome OR is it?

How many of you have a strong opinion about the whole "Green" thing and what are those? If you feel as though you have some strong factual based information either for or against this topic it would be great to start some communication.

In many cases doing what we think is green and better isn't always the case. One topic Mr. William McDonough discusses in his book Cradle to Cradle is downcycling. Despite our efforts to recycle it's not always a benefit and it has its drawbacks. For instance, the metals that we take from automobiles are typically high grade materials and once you mix them with low grade alloys (metal, aluminum, steel) they have lost all their properties.

We are still struggling to find the most efficient and effective ways of reducing waste and waste management. Recycling takes a lot of energy and requires an extensive amount of labor. It has it's benefits, but we need to also look at it's faults. With this mindset and the ability to question relative issues we can redesign the infrastructure completely.

The green movement has become an attractive advertisement and a trend in society. Society can't be fooled by these easy and temporary gimmicks. We need to still think critically about the purpose and function of the products that are "better". For example; Say I want to buy a new car and I have a choice between a SUV or Hybrid. The choice seems obvious. But shouldn't we consider keeping our current means of transportation and using it less or even better not buying at all and changing our "lifestyle" to another means of transportation completely?

What I want to propose in this entry is for us all to question the media, change our way of thinking and be proactive in our research.

Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A

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