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I can't guarantee a prize, but I will be happy to give you the accreditation you rightfully deserve.

I know, I know, everyone is so obsessed with money! And here is another blog with another Donation Badge asking for mine...
Why would you make an investment, small or large, in contributing to the unknown and uncertainty of a blog? This is in some small part my attempt to ease those curiosities.

Please, also understand that donations can come in many forms. I'm not looking for just monetary compensation. If you have other means of donating or in part to my visions, I encourage all facets of giving.

In the future, if you would like more information concerning the donation purpose(s) or would like me to personally contact you with additional details, I will be pleased to satisfy any questions.
Here is a small [growing] list of future applications that your donations could / would be contributing towards:
  • INVEST in sponsored non-profit organizations
  • Start DESIGN COMPETITIONS based on EcoDesignFreak ideologies and philosophies
  • Sponsor INVENTION SESSIONS to get the community together and ideate about growing opportunities
  • Don't have enough personal time? Use mine to START YOUR idea
Since I was young I have been an inventor, a leader and an entrepreneur. When I was in grade school I stayed up late to make beaded jewelry and sell them at lunch. I don't wait for opportunity, I make it! For credentials and personal information please visit: Alex Rozko Portfolio

I'm a designer and architect by training and my ideas extend far beyond this small list above, but theses are the concepts that I feel strongly enough to advocate and want to extend an opportunity for others to get involved with.

Please feel free to contact me via:
E-mail: rozko0002@yahoo.com
Comment sections provided on this page
* Please only call with serious inquiries


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