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Multidisciplinary Personalities

Multidisciplinary Personalities

Many of you might agree - some of you might not have thought about this yet. I talk about this thing called, "Multidisciplinary Personalities" and what it is essentially, is surrounding yourself with people of all disciplines in life. Humanity astonishes me and our diversity is a complete marvel of amazement and devastation.

Knowing your own limits and what you are personally capable of is a rare quality. Society tends to try and do more then we are capable of and we often think we know more then we really do. People know a lot of things don't get me wrong and generally speaking they "love" sharing them. If we surround ourselves with these intelligent and dynamic individuals we subconsciously or consciously take something from that experience. More often it gives you a connection into a world you might not have any experience in.
  • I urge you to find different types of people
  • Hone in your listening skills
  • Make use of your spare time
  • Expand beyond your comfort zones
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Take risks
  • Share your networks
We are creatures of habit. If we confront that internal nature we can expand beyond our own expectations. People in history that have done remarkable things [both good and bad] did them with the help of others.

I'm as guilty as the next for preaching and not doing, but if YOU have something YOU can share with me [everyone], we're listening! I'm exploring this avenue to see if I get any feedback. For those of you that I keep in close contact with and tap into, thank you for your conversations and knowledge.

People I would love to talk with [but not limited to] geologist, chemist and sociologist (basically anyone that has an "ist" in your title).

* If anyone would like to be removed or added to this list please let me know.

Matt Baker - Designer

JR Rozko - Theologian
Jerry Lore - Guru [web design, teacher, fashion, networking]
Denny Culbert - Photo Journalist
MAds - Dreamer and Do"er"

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